Popular 4k Tvs

One of the popular 4k Tvs is the stunning 55″ LED 4k Ultra HD smart TV for $3,999.98.

Seiki has a 39 inch 4k TV at Kmart for only $699 and is also available at Sears stores. Seiki also has a 50 inch 4K LED available at Sears for $1049.99. I checked these TVs out and they are unbelievable. Expect more very affordable and impressive Seiki 4K Ultra HD TVs to become available in other retail stores the near future.

Samsung also offers an array of 4K televisions at Sears and the picture looks just as great as the Sony and Seiki versions. How does an 85 inch Ultra High Definition for under $40,000 sound? The 85 inch TV is available online only off the sears website.

4K TV Accessories

After you have decided on a 4k television to purchase, you might want to consider some valuable 4K TV accessories. The Nuvola NP1 is the World’s first streaming 4K UltraHD media player and currently has a $299 price point. The box will allow you to stream movies and videos from multiple sources including Nanotech’s own Nanoflix.

Sony is developing their own 4K media player shipped with pre-loaded 4K content. During the 2013 year, the Sony box will be able to download content from Sony. My guess is this box will carry a heavy price tag, like their 4K TVs.

Where Can I Buy a 4k TV?

4k TVs are relatively new to the media market so choices are small as to where can I buy a 4k TV? It is nice seeing the picture of these TVs before you buy one, but currently, Best Buy is the only major retail store that has 4K TVs in stock. Best Buy sells the Sony 55 inch 4k Tv. Many online retailers also sell 4k Tvs. When shopping for these amazing resolution TVs, with 4x the resolution of 1080p screens, you will notice some of the TVs come with a hefty price tag. So, how much to 4k TVs cost?

How Much Do 4k TVs Cost?

4k tvs

Most of us would like to have a 4k television but we have to consider the price. How much do 4k TVs cost? When shopping for 4k TVs you will notice that some of them are really expensive, the Sony XBR 55X900A 55 inch 4k television is a ridiculous $5400 after tax. Please shop smart when purchasing these amazing sets. Seiki for instance, is selling their 4k 50 inch TV for under $1100. Make a smart investment and do not overspend on your 4k TV and your optional 4K TV accessories. Just as the prices for Full HD TVs, the 1080p, decreased sharply since their inception, the prices for Ultra HD will do the same. My advice, don’t break the bank to get your first Ultra HD 4K TV.

What Are 4K Tvs?

So what are 4K TVs (Ultra HD) anyway? 4K TVs are digital video formats that have a minimum resolution of 3,840 x 2,160. That is double the vertical and horizontal resolution as 1080p televisions. 4K TVs have four times as many pixels as 1080p TVs and pixels equal clarity. If you were to stand 10 feet away and compare a 4K TV’s picture to that of a similar sized 1080p, the difference is obvious. Because of the depth of colors created by the Ultra High pixel count, 4K resolution may emit the feeling of 3D even though it is not. There is no denying what an upgrade 4K is to the market. Is 4K a fad? No, consumers of electronics have always demanded clearer pictures and 4K is at the top of the food chain.

4K is here and here to stay. Most new films are being filmed directly into 4K format and many television shows are there as well. My expectation is that all shows on the major networks will be shot in Ultra HD by 2015. That is not to say there isn’t 4K content available now, currently, there are 14 TV series shot in 4K. So who sells 4k TVs and how much do 4k TVS cost and where can I buy one?